Get a Free Travel App and Hear About an Amazing Young Performer

There is nothing like listening to some great live music to take your mind off of the political turmoil for a while. Late Thursday morning we drove into downtown Mesa to do just that, at the outdoor noon-hour concert series sponsored by the Mesa Arts Centre. I think I’ve mentioned these wonderful free concerts before. The performer this week was highly promoted by our neighbour Jan, and our expectations were high.  We weren’t disappointed!

After picking up a take-out lunch at our favourite little café, Sweet Cakes, we walked to the Arts Centre to where the stage and seating were set up. It was only 11:30 and the concert didn’t begin until 12:30, but the best seating was already filled! We managed to grab a couple of chairs that weren’t too far away from the stage, but sadly not facing it. While we waited for the show to begin, we enjoyed our very thick turkey-on-(freshly baked) sourdough, side salad and still-warm chocolate chip cookie. Yumm.

At 12:30 the Honky-Tonk Rebel (a.k.a. Mario Carboni) appeared on stage with his keyboard and trumpet. With a bit of introduction, he started to play and he blew our minds.  This young man, who started to play at a very young age, had his fingers speeding across the keys in a blur; and then his rich country voice filled the air. The sound system was perfect; no problem hearing every note from wherever you sat. I wish I could remember all of the songs he performed, but I was mesmerized by those fingers on the keyboard. He has an eclectic play list, everything from honky-tonk country, to truck driving songs, rock and roll and classical. I’ve never heard “The Flight of the Bumblebee” played so perfectly and fast! He did many cover rearrangements and many of his own songs, with a tad humour thrown in once in a while. For a couple of numbers he played his trumpet and keyboard at the same time, without missing a beat. The crowd roared, and at the end of the one-hour performance gave him a standing ovation. The host invited him to do an encore, much to our delight. When the show was over, Mario greeted fans with a smile and a chat while we lined up with our newly purchased CDs in our hands, looking for an autograph. He’ll be on tour across the US and back up to Alaska, where he spends his summers performing, most of this year. Check him out at    .


Mario on the left with one of his buddies, Jimmy Phillips

Jimmy Phillips, former drummer with Merle Haggard, Red Simpson and several other “Bakersfield Sound” Country stars, joined Mario on stage for a couple of songs.

Concerts like this are just an example of things you might find to do in over 470 cities around the world using one of the popular GPSmyCity apps that feature self-guided city walks, allowing visitors to explore the best of the city on foot at their own pace. The apps are now available for both iOS and Android phones or tablets.

Would you like to give one of these a try for free? Simply leave me a comment on this blog by February 17th, 2017. The first twenty readers to comment will receive a free access code to the city of their choice, shortly after the contest ends.

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21 thoughts on “Get a Free Travel App and Hear About an Amazing Young Performer

  1. Mario is an amazing performer. Excellent video of him singing on his website.
    I would like to try that GpsMyCity app for Ottawa, or any city close to Oakville. I am sure Oakville would not be available, but another alternative would be Kingston.
    Glad you and Jim have so much get-up-and-go – you enjoy life to its fullest, and take us along for a free ride.


  2. The buddy whose name you didn’t get is Jimmy Phillips. He’s a great drummer who has played on over 1000 records for Capitol Records for school artists as Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Red Simpson. Billy Mize, and many more. He’s country music royalty! He’s a pioneer of the Bakersfield Sound!


  3. How wonderful to have a picnic lunch and entertainment so close to your winter home. There is nothing better than live music! I will check him out and see if he’ll be playing anywhere around here this summer. We hope to get to more festivals, and it sounds like his music would fit right in!
    As you know, I love to walk so that new App sounds great. I’d love to give it a try. I hope there are some Canadian cities on it. I’d start with Toronto, Kingston, and Montreal. So if any of those are available–sign me up! Getting all of the guides sounds like a deal too.
    It’s great that you have so many activities, and thank you for sharing them with us.


    • Music sure does help ease the mind and soul, and we need lots of that down here this year! I hope you might find a place to see The Honky-tonk Rebel. If you know of anyone involved in promoting talent in Canada, he’d love tour there too! Glad you enjoy my posts. Thanks.


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