Escaping Coronavirus

We’re on our way home, as are many, many other Canadians. But ours is a long journey -2700 miles- in the motor home. At least we don’t have to worry about crowds. We’ve kept ourselves pretty much isolated, avoiding restaurants and site seeing.  And so far the staff at RV Parks have been very understanding when Jim request entering his credit card himself with his gloved hands. We just enjoy the scenery and listen to music or audio books. I keep in touch with family by text if I can. And I try hard not to stress out. Not an easy task.

Hoping all my friends and fellow bloggers are staying safe and well. Who knows when we’ll be able to travel again.



11 thoughts on “Escaping Coronavirus

    • Thanks, Karen. You’re right, we are fortunate to have been in the motorhome rather than on a plane, but the trip seemed so long, even thought we did it in five days! Now that we’re hunkering down, I have some time to read blogs and answer the comments made on mine. I might even get some new writing done. 🙂


  1. Glad to hear that you’ve started the trek home. You’ve likely heard that the US/Canada border is closed to tourists and visitors but you should not have any trouble other than perhaps getting caught in the long “Snowbirds” line. Safe and happy travels.

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    • Thanks, Christine. Because I had only my phone data to use on most of our trip home, I’m just now getting caught up on replies. You now know that we did put a rush on and made it across the border before the restrictions were put on, and it was an easy cross, only about a fifteen minute wait. We even got to keep what food we had left in the fridge. Obviously that wasn’t an important question this trip. Good to be home.


    • Sorry I didn’t have enough internet to reply while on the road, but I did see your comment and really appreciate all the good wishes. We made it across the border on Friday evening before the restrictions took affect. It was an easy crossing. We drove the other 300 miles home early the next morning. We are doing self-quarantine but we both feel fine.


  2. Judy, 
    Nice to hear from you. Keith and I also left this am. Looking forward to seeing you at some unknown date in the future. Interesting times. Safe travels. 

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    • Hi Julie. We got home on Saturday, but across the border on Friday evening! We really put the push on! Hoping you made it home safe and well too. Guess we won’t be getting together anytime soon, but we can keep in touch. Who knows when we will be travelling again?


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