So Much to Do; So little Time! Scottsdale Indian Festival

It was a very busy month! Jim had his 80th birthday and on the day his daughters were flying in to surprise him, he decided we should go to Scottsdale to the parade and festival in the park – The Indian Festival! It was a lovely day, and I could give him no reason why we shouldn’t go. I just had to make sure that we didn’t stay too long.

I’m glad we went; I’m sorry that his daughters weren’t able to go with us. The parade was long, but one of the most interesting parades I’ve ever witnessed – colourful costumes representing the many tribes of Arizona; many school bands and cheerleaders; local representatives in various vehicles from the past and the present. And horses! Lots of horses! And dogs! I won’t tell you how many pictures I took, but I knew that I couldn’t capture it all in words, so I hope you like the shots I’ve chosen to share and take you along.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was well past lunch time when the parade came to an end and the streets were crowded. We finally found the restaurant we’d visited the last time we were in Scottsdale name but there was an hour wait! We settled on a bench and chatted with other patient customers until a table was at last cleared for us. We invited another couple to join us and during another half hour of waiting to be served, we shared stories of our life experiences.

It was 2:00 pm when we left the restaurant. Jim wanted to listen to the Mariachi Band that was playing on the street and check out other performers along the way back to the park, where there was a ring of vendors’ tents set up, and more entertainment along the walking paths. But I knew his daughters would soon be arriving at Mesa Regal, so I made an excuse why we had to get home.


We were just getting into our car when I got the text that they’d arrived. They were happy to enjoy the sun while waiting for our return, and Jim’s annoyance with having to leave too soon vanished when he realized it was them, sitting on the couch when he walked into the RV.


8 thoughts on “So Much to Do; So little Time! Scottsdale Indian Festival

    • Sorry I didn’t find time to reply sooner. So much has changed in the last ten days! We’re now home safe and sound, but in self-quarantine. I will post another blog soon about all that happened.


      • Hi Judy and Jim,glad you are home safe and sound.Joan Jean and I are staying in and staying away from the grand kids .Next birthday is jeans at 95.


  1. Belated happy birthday to Jim, and to you, Judy. Great idea creating a slide show–that certainly gave us a good idea about the parade. I love all of the colours used! Looking forward to seeing you later in the Spring.


  2. Hi Judy,

    What a great way to celebrate Jim’s 80th. I love the slideshow of your photos. Are quite the techy!

    When are you coming home? Are you still planning on coming to Kingston for the pickle ball tournament? I haven’t booked “our” guest suite yet. Which nights exactly? I’ll do it on the 18th when we return.

    TTFN, Pat sent from my iPhone



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