We Did Make It to Mesa Arizona!



It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at Mesa Regal for over a month now. I’m sure some of you have thought the journey had taken us a very long time, since my postings have been far between and without an arrival at our destination. I apologize for that, but for much of the time we had difficulties with internet connections, and upon our arrival we immediately began connecting with many of the friends we made here last year. There have been street parties, ukulele lessons and jams, dances, and Pickle Ball and Bocce Ball games. Some of our old friends have not yet returned; some new friendships have formed.

We solved our internet troubles with a T-Mobile hot spot that seems to be working well, since we had the original SIM card (purchased with the device in San Antonio) replaced.

Our arrival also brought us some sad news. We learned that our dear friend Mary Lee from across the street had been recently diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. For the first couple of weeks we were helping her out in any way that we could. When the pain became too unbearable she ended up in hospital and is now in a Hospice, with her family at her side. She is greatly missed by our little 7th Street community.

I have a few more places along our way that I will soon write about, to get up-to-date before we begin more exploring around this area, so stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “We Did Make It to Mesa Arizona!

  1. Certainly hard to lose special friends. Enjoyed the beautiful sky with clouds shaped like a bird in flight. Perhaps it symbolizes Mary’s journey.


    • Helen, what a beautiful comment. I hadn’t noticed the “bird in flight” in the sky! As it happens, the picture was taken right over Mary Lee’s home. I will share this with her family, as I think you might be right.


  2. always enjoy your writings. Glad that you are where you want to be! Sorry about your friend.. Renovations still going on here. Most will be done by next week! Merry Christmas!!


    • Renovations still going on! WOW! Poor you, but I’m sure it will all be worth it when you’re able to enjoy your new home upon completion. Thanks for being a faithful follower. Merry Christmas to you to.I’m sure you’ll hear from us before that though.


  3. Judy, there is always joy and sadness. I’m glad you were there to spend some time with Mary before she went into hospital. I wish the best for her–whatever that may be. Enjoy catching up with your friends, and making new ones. Cheers!


  4. So good to hear that you are enjoying Mesa. Sorry to hear about your friend. Enjoy the warmth of the sun. It sure is cold here in the Mid West.


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