Through Rain and Sun, Arizona Bound, 2014

On the Road

On the Road

We finally got on our way mid-afternoon on Wednesday, October 15th. I was struck by the bright colours of Mother Nature’s paint brush along the roads of our exodus. They seemed even more vibrant this year. We witnessed more of the glory for many miles, through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and into Kentucky. The unpredictable weather of Ontario also continued, with sun one minute and torrential rain the next.

It occurred to me that, although we’d driven through Kentucky many times on the way to Florida, we’d never stopped. So we added a stop at the Kentucky Horse Farm at Lexington to our agenda. It would be too late to check in there on Thursday night so we detoured into Georgetown for dinner at the Cracker Barrel and an overnight stay in the parking lot, with the manger’s permission.

Friday morning we were up bright and early to arrive at the Farm in lots of time to see everything. Although a heavy fog blanketed our surroundings when we awoke, by the time we were ready to go the sun had broken through and cleared away the mist. We first entered the Horse Farm Campground, registered at the office and found our spot for the night. There was a big riding event happening on the weekend, so the choice was limited. We had electricity, but no water or sewage on site, and we were too far away from the office to get the Wi-Fi connection, but the good news was that there was a free shuttle to the Farm.

We got there just in time to find the “Horses of the World” Show Ring and grab seats on the bleachers before the first horse, a beautiful tan coloured Kentucky Quarter Horse, was introduced. It was amazing to see how much the horses enjoyed performing, and the respectful connection between horse and trainer. We met a Gypsy horse, an Arabian horse and a Run-Walker.  I guess that was our favourite part, because after a delicious lunch at the Farm House Café, where we enjoyed the company of Larry and Mary Ann, who were also enjoying retirement, we went back to see the second show featuring a new round of horses. Unfortunately, I got so caught up in taking pictures that I failed to take notes. If you are ever in the area, be sure to schedule time to see for yourself.

Taking a Bow

Taking a Bow

Gypsy Horse

Gypsy Horse

An Affectionate Mustang

An Affectionate Mustang

Dark streak

This interesting mane cut accents the black streak that runs through it and straight down the back to the end of the tail

Clydesdale getting ready to pull the tram

Clydesdale getting ready to pull the tram

IMG_3984 IMG_3995 IMG_3996 IMG_4026

The day remained sunny and very warm, perfect for wandering through the barns and the Quarter Horse Museum, taking a tour on the tram, and visiting the Heavy Breed horses, and the retired race Champions. By then it was time for us to retire to the RV as our feet were beginning to protest. A walk back to the store to connect to the WiFi long enough to check emails and post our whereabouts on Facebook was enough for one day.


5 thoughts on “Through Rain and Sun, Arizona Bound, 2014

  1. As you can see in the pictures with the riders walking, the horses were not on a rein. They were ‘liberty’ horses. At liberty to follow commands or not.


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