Climbing Back Out of the Fog

Sometimes life just gets too busy and too complicated, and I find myself pushing through a fog. The back of my mind percolates with all the things I want to do, while the front is working with my body to get me through the distractions that require immediate attention.

Two weeks ago we finally got the call that we’d been waiting a year for; a room was available for my mother in Long Term Care. No time to wait to decide, though.  We had to accept it within 24hrs and she had to be moved in five days! Twice in those five days we made the three hour trip to Brockville to start the procedure, and the packing, and finally do the moving.  Doing this for a 98 year old whose memory and comprehension have understandably diminished during the past few years (the reason she could no longer stay in the Retirement Home) was very stressful on all of us. When it was finally done and we returned home with a car and trailer full of the excess belongings that she couldn’t take with her, I had no strength to tackle the chores that were still percolating, let alone do any blogging.

I’ve been trying to climb out of the fog ever since,  but I found myself flitting from one thing to another, unable to get back to my usually organized self. I first drafted this blog a few days ago, but I didn’t like it. It sounded too depressing.  The absence of sunshine only added to my problem. I preferred to spend my time lost in the world of a fictitious novel and that’s where I spent most of the last two weeks.

But then I read a couple of inspiring blogs, one by Felice Cohen about getting organized with a To-do List, and one by Christine Peets about November challenges. I returned to my office and cleared out my space before tackling the number one project on my To-do List — the biography of my uncle. I had reams of hand written pages he’d sent me, and a box of picture albums and other photos to scan. I jumped in and got to work. What a good feeling to see the pieces finally begin to fall into place. And when I took little breaks from the keyboard, I used the time to quickly complete other small tasks, and cross them off my list. The fog began to lift.

Today the sun is trying hard to shine. There are a few blue patches in the sky. I’m once more optimistic.


8 thoughts on “Climbing Back Out of the Fog

  1. Very interesting mind-set which we can all identify with. It kind of reminds me of what happens when I wake up in the middle of the night and my mind starts racing with thoughts of past events. Many times sleep is hard to kick-start for a good portion of the night unless we can find distractions such as the radio, a drink of water (perhaps was dehydrated), a melatonin tablet, etc.

    Thanks for sharing your poignant story of your involvement in your Mother’s move. Wonderful that she has a caring daughter. It drains one mentally and exhaustion is what results which is good because it makes one slow down. Beautifully related.


    • Helen, I hear you about waking up in the night with mind racing with thoughts of past events! I’m sorry that you have that problem, but I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one who suffers from this.:) As for being a “caring daughter”, I do care and do my best. There are always those who think it’s never enough.

      Thanks for reading once more, and sharing your thoughts.



  2. Having been in the fog many times, I know from experience that your approach works. Glad you figured it out. I’ve also found I can kick-start the process by watching a funny movie or having a good laugh with friends.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Pat, and for the encouragement. Today we went to see Jim’s mom and enjoyed some lively musical entertainment. Music is also a good kick-start. 🙂


    • Thanks, Nicole. I will attempt to write more often. I’m also moving my website pages over to this website, so there will be more stories to read, eventually. 🙂


  3. Great to see you’re back to the blog. Nice feeling isn’t it? It’s also a great feeling when that “brain fog” lifts, because everything seems to get better. If I’ve been any inspiration for this, I’m pleased. Keep going!


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