Load It Up, Move It Out, Arizona Bound

Well, that last adventure was a lot of hard work! We are mostly settled in our new little condo and we are pleased with it. What isn’t settled can wait until spring. Now we’re ready for a holiday. I never did get to post the Bikers Reunion article, but it will come.

Tomorrow, once we finish loading up the RV and deliver the car for storage, we will be hitting the road again for our next adventure. The final destination is again Mesa Arizona, but this time we hope we are leaving early enough that we won’t be chased by snow so we can take our time. We want to fill in on our map some of the states that we haven’t been with the motor home. Our sights are set on Memphis Tennessee, New Orleans, and Houston.

Hope you’ll join us on this new journey.


6 thoughts on “Load It Up, Move It Out, Arizona Bound

  1. Larry and I had lunch with you at the Horse Farm Park. We so enjoyed out time with you and Jim. We look forward to reading about your travels and adventures.


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