A Trip to Trail, BC

Thursday, while Jim finished up the planter, Sarah and I and the kids took Kendrick’s mother to an appointment in Trail, about an hour and a half drive south west of Kaslo. I enjoyed the ride snug between the two booster seats of my darling grandchildren, while reading stories, sharing snacks and watching for wild animals.

I’d never been to Trail before. When the appointment was over, we all trooped into  a local delicatessen for some freshly made sandwiches and beverages before driving across the bridge to Gyro Park to devour them, and to bask in the sun. We spent a few hours walking along the beach and the rocks; the kids practiced  their new fishing skills some more, and took a ride on a make-believe sailing ship. I attempted to capture every interesting moment with my camera.

Gyro Park

Breathtaking vistas

Gyro Park

Fishing at Gyro Park

Fishing Practice

Gyro Park

Steam billowing from a plant across the river

A Kayaker practicing white-watering

A Kayaker practicing white-watering

Dog enjoying the chase

Dog enjoying the chase

Gyro Park

The large rock and metal pole on the left became the make-believe ship. What fun!

But too soon the sun was lowering and it was time to head back to Kaslo.


4 thoughts on “A Trip to Trail, BC

  1. This is so wonderful that you got to spend quality time outside with Sarah and the kids. Looks like the dog had fun too. Keep sharing your stories and photos, Judy. You never know who might read them and enjoy them as much as your current “followers” do.


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