The Count-down is On!

Only three more sleeps! Getting ready for this adventure has been a lot of work There are so many details to take care of when you plan to be gone for so long: house sitter arranged, check; ownerships, insurance, health cards, credit cards all up-to-date, check; e-tests and safety on both new and old motor home, check; old motor home sold, check; tires checked, backup camera installed, gas tank filled, propane tank filled. The list goes on. Today we’re nearly there. Because of the cold weather, we have to refrain from putting items such as liquid soaps, cooking oils and anything that we don’t want to freeze, into the motor home until the last minute. The same goes for the computers and other electronics.Tonight I’ll do one last laundry and put the clean clothes in. We’re nearly ready!

Today and tomorrow it’s dentist appointments, eye exams and car licence renewal, since it will expire while we’re away. A Christmas party to attend tomorrow night, and then our calendar is clear for take off.

But we’re a little late getting away to avoid the snow. This is what we see out our window this morning!

Snow day

Hope she likes the snow!

Jim had the snow blower out. We still have to find someone to take care of the snow while we’re away, as our house sitter can’t do it.

We’re looking forward to the escape, but I have to admit it is rather pretty in the neighbourhood today.

Winter through a Window

Looking through the window


A New Rving and Motorcycle Adventure Begins

When I started this blog three years ago, we had just purchased our first full-size motor home and were out for our first RVing adventure. We’ve covered a lot of territory since then, and the old beast has served us well.

Thor Pinnacle, 1992

The “old beast” now in need of new owners

But it’s now twenty-one years old. Since our plan for this year is a long drive to Arizona to escape the winter weather, dreams of something newer and a little larger danced in our heads.

I mentioned in a previous post that we’d almost bought a brand new “C” Class when we were at the Good Sam Rally in Syracuse this spring, but the reality is that unless we sell our larger-than-we-really need home (and that’s not going to happen any time soon) a brand new motor home will remain a dream. So I’ve been searching online for something that would meet at least most of our wishes at a price we could afford. Last week, I found it! Although Jim was hesitant at first, once he had a look at it (it was local so we didn’t have to travel far for the inspection) he agreed that it would make our next adventure considerably more pleasant, and the price was manageable. We bought a 2006 Damon Daybreak. It’s two feet longer than our old Thor Pinnacle, and it has one large slide, giving us the extra storage space that I longed for, and a little more counter space.


The “new” beast

We picked it up yesterday from the garage where the safety inspection and e-test were done. A new windshield that the previous owner had already ordered was in at a nearby auto glass shop, so we stopped in there before coming home. Unfortunately, because it was pouring rain and they had no space to get it inside, we had to leave it. Today is sunny so I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be done today. I’m excited!

In the meantime, we emptied the cupboards and drawers of the Pinnacle and listed it for sale. We couldn’t believe how much stuff there was in it! We filled the trunk and backseat of the car three times! Now it’s all sitting in the sun-room, waiting to be methodically organized into the Daybreak. Is it ALL going in or can I cull some of it? I hope so.

RV Contents


RV Contents

Whoa! Where did it all come from?

Of course we’ll be taking the motorcycle along when we go and we might even have room for the bicycles. We might need them to get around the massive RV resort that we booked into.