Setting Goals

Today I’m beginning a blogging course through WordPress Blogging University with the purpose of increasing my audience and posting more regularly. My first assignment is to Set Three Goals. Here they are:

  1. Establish a new weekly theme and publish on the given day until the end of 2018, minimum. Memoir Mondays
  2. Publish at least one more post a week for the next six months.
  3. Spend one hour each week visiting my follower’s blogs, reading, and commenting from today until the end of June.

7 thoughts on “Setting Goals

  1. The Memoir Monday theme is a great idea and a good way to ensure you achieve a weekly writing and publishing goal. I think I might think along the same lines of a weekly theme (so I can hit my own publishing target for the year.) Thanks for your comments on my blog too – much appreciated 🙂 We got this!

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    • Thank you! I find it more difficult to come up with writing ideas when we aren’t traveling, so having a theme day that isn’t travel related gives me a prompt to write something. I think the”University” course has been a big help. Thank you for following my blog too. We need to support each other. We have got this!


  2. I wish you well on the course. I started it a few weeks ago too. Starting to see some small results already. Nice goals there. Love the Memoir Mondays theme. I can see where you coming from here, a themed structure seems a good idea for me too. The course helped me realise this on day three I think. Been blogging long? You seem to have solid consistency and a range of blogs 🙂 Ivan (

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    • Thanks for following and commenting, Ivan. It’s so nice to connect with other bloggers. I think the course has really helped. I have been blogging for twelve years, I just discovered yesterday! But I needed to learn more about making it better and possibly make it a little financially profitable. It’s easier to be more consistent with my writing when we are traveling and seeing new things to write about. If you click on the tabs at the top, you will learn about other writing I’ve done too. Judy

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