Nice Day for a Bike Ride to Casa Grande

After a busy week of Pickle ball, bocce ball, ukulele practices and performances, and a block party, we took Sunday to take off on a long over-due ride on the Boulevard. The weather was perfect, a little over-cast keeping the sun out of our eyes and the temperature comfortable for wearing jackets and helmets.

We headed out Hwy 87 towards Casa Grande where we’d hoped to catch up with some friends who are in an RV Resort there. We stopped at Zipps Sports Grill in Chandler for some lunch along the way. The turkey burgers were tasty and the sweet potato chips rather than fries added a different flavour and texture. While there, we attempted to contact our friends, without success, so when we reached Casa Grande we continued on to the Casa Grande Ruins Historical Site and took the tour of the remains of a Hohokam community dating back to 300 AD.

Casa Grande Ruins

Casa Grande Ruins

Casa Grande Ruins

Casa Grande Ruins

Casa Grande Ruins

Casa Grande Ruins

We eventually got a message from our friends saying that they were out at another park on a hike, so when the hour long tour was over we started back in the direction we’d gone. We had one scary moment when, just ahead of us, a red car pulled out to pass another and was coming straight at us at full speed, only a few car lengths away! Jim pulled to the shoulder while motioning for the driver to stay to our left. I held my breath as he sped past us. I’m sure we were three abreast at least for a couple of seconds. Maybe we need to look at neon orange jackets and helmets!

Back in Mesa, we stopped at Waldo’s BBQ for a feed of ribs before returning home. It was a beautiful way to spend a Sunday,


2 thoughts on “Nice Day for a Bike Ride to Casa Grande

  1. Like the saying goes “if walls could talk” — it would be interesting to know why the structures were built and what function they served thousands of years ago – they are so old and fragile now.
    Wow, glad you used good judgement to avoid a very serious accident.


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