Getting Ready to Get on the Road Again

It is with both excitement and trepidation that I am counting the hours before we climb aboard our motor home for our annual journey to Arizona.The excitement is because I’m looking forward to seeing all of our good friends again and spending time in the sun. The trepidation is because of the snowy winter weather that has hit our area, and because of the unrest in the US right now. The later worries and saddens me very much.

Still, we will carry on and deal with whatever comes our way. It looks like the big snow amounts have subsided for now, so we should be good to go tomorrow afternoon or early Friday morning. The inside of the motor home was freezing cold today when we took another load of belongings to it, so I think I will forego cleaning the floors until we are out of the range of freezing temperatures. By then we will be able to dewinterize, meaning we can rinse the anti-freeze from our water lines, fill up with fresh water, and wash the pink stains from the sinks and shower.

We’re hoping to reach Indianapolis in time for my next post. Watch for it!


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Get on the Road Again

  1. I heard an interview with a New York Times reporter who recently interviewed Donald Trump and his overall impression is that those who are fearing the worst may not have quite so much to fear from a Trump presidency, and those who fear nothing may have more to fear than they think. So, in the end, it will all likely be okay. Concentrate on a good journey, and being with your friends again soon. Safe and happy travels.


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