Still relevant – The Great Dictator

I haven’t had much to blog about lately, but I was impressed with this post from Uncle Spikes Adventures, so with his permission I am sharing it with you. You can read more interesting posts from him at

Uncle Spike's Adventures


It’s funny how film and history are forever intertwined, and that we don’t seem to learn from either. Charlie Chaplin, the star of the silent film, delivered an amazing speech in the 1940 classic “The Great Dictator”, which, sadly, is still just as relevant today, some 66 years later.

With such hatred still seemingly saturating our world, and so much power still wielded by so few who do anything to remain in that position, from killing to inciting others to do so, and war-mongering, corruption, and numerous other despicable acts. Looking back, dear Mister Chaplin, who always made us laugh, delivered (ok, so it was on film) one of the greatest ever speeches.



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2 thoughts on “Still relevant – The Great Dictator

  1. Sadly, the hate mongering crosses all times, places, and races. Children are not born knowing how to hate, but they can learn it. It’s up to us to make sure they learn the lessons of tolerance and acceptance. Thanks for sharing this, Judy.


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