The Great Canadian Yard Sale

Gilmour Street in Peterborough, Ontario is a beautiful seven-block-long, tree-lined street of original early 20th century homes that have been well maintained, with groomed yards. On one Saturday in May for the past twenty years, it’s been the host of a bargain seeker’s delight – the Great Canadian Yard Sale.

Gilmour Street

Some of the immaculate homes on Gilmour Street

This year was no exception. The weather was perfect and the adjacent streets were jammed with parked vehicles that brought the throngs to wander the length of Gilmour Street. We spent an hour or more wading through the crowds and taking in the atmosphere, which is that of a relaxed, friendly community where people share a coffee, catch up, support the charities that have tables set up, and enjoy bargains. Amateur musicians and young break dancers entertain; entrepreneurial children sell homemade lemonade and cupcakes.

The traffic

The traffic

The Bargain Hunters

The Bargain Hunters

It’s amazing what you can find there!

Golf Balls

Golf Balls





Coat of Armour

Even a Coat of Armour!


A Motorcycle

Kitchen Sink

And yes, even the kitchen sink

7 thoughts on “The Great Canadian Yard Sale

  1. Makes one wish they lived in this community. Such adventure and opportunity. Oh, well, when you live in a condo apartment there are limitations. Pity! But it gives one some ideas. It is said that a picture provides many views, and yours said it all, Judy.

    • Thanks, Helen. Nice to hear from you again. We don’t live In this neighborhood, but enjoy visiting on yard sale day. Always lots to do in Peterborough in the summer time. You should come for a visit. We’re taking off in the RV for a couple of weeks, so will have some more traveling posts.:)

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