An Uneventful Day in Paradise (Monday, May 21)

The sun was bright and hot already when we left Savannah. We pushed on through, stopping only for gas and to make lunch at a rest area, and a quick stop at a little shop that sold freshly made jams, jellies and other condiments. Jim was hoping for ice cream, but they had none, so we settled for bottles of Peach Cider.

We were ready to jump into the pool when we arrived at my sister’s in Punta Gorda Florida at 6:00 pm.

We had to park the RV a few blocks away, where my sister still owns a modular home, but it wouldn’t fit in her driveway so we left it in an empty lot.  Don’t know if that’s allowed or not!


Tuesday:  We found out this morning that it’s not! We had to look for a storage site, which we found for $35, and have to have it moved before the end of the day.


2 thoughts on “An Uneventful Day in Paradise (Monday, May 21)

  1. After your previous woes, glad this was uneventful, in spite of finding out that even an empty lot comes with a price. It’s the American way–although likely Canadian way too. Enjoy Punta Gorda.


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