More Wandering

I don’t know when/if we will return to our Rving adventure. Some preparations are being made, but no date has been discussed. The dream seems to be fading.

In the meantime, my mind does lots of travelling as usual, so fast that I can’t catch up with it long enough to write a blog.

We did take a road trip in the car this past weekend — a visit to our nation’s capital, Ottawa, where my son is settling in. We enjoyed the sunny weather on Sunday, beginning with a big breakfast at Broadway Restaurant and then an enjoyable visit at the home of my nephew. In the afternoon we decided to check out the Turkish Festival that was taking place in Confederation Park. There was music and dance demonstrations on the stage. We watched a marbling demonstration – the art of painting on water. What an interesting process! We learned about Turkish shadow puppets and we enjoyed some Turkish culinary delights.

Isn’t it wonderful that Canada has such a diverse population, that we can learn about far away countries and mix with their people without ever leaving home?

From there we wandered along the Rideau Canal, watching grand vessels navigate through the eight locks to the Ottawa River. We strolled up the hill to get a birds eye view, while being serenaded with some CCR by a busker along the path. We continued past the lookout areas until we were on the walk in front of the grand old hotel, the Chateau Laurier, which overlooks the canal and the majestic Parliament Buildings.

I’d forgotten what a great city Ottawa is. I lived there for eight months during college days, when I was too young to appreciate it and left for the big city of Toronto.

Since I first drafted this blog two days ago, progress has been made!  We MIGHT be heading out on Sunday or Monday for an extended trip, first stop Sturgis (South Dakota) Motorcycle Rally.  We just have to find a trailer for the motorbike, and then hope that the campgrounds aren’t already booked up. If we go, it will be exciting. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “More Wandering

  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful adventures encountered in Ottawa. I lived there for over 25 years. It is a diverse city with so many places to enjoy during all seasons of the year. During Canada Day weekend, I went with my family in Oakville to visit my son in Ottawa. We thoroughly enjoyed the many museums, House of Commons (including the library), the many statues on the grounds on The Hill, and of course the fireworks on July 1st.

    I can sense a restless spirit in you, Judy. You obviously thoroughly come alive when you are ‘on the road’. Great that you have found a soul-mate who also shares your enthusiasm. Hope to hear that you made it to the Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis!


  2. Thanks for sharing all of the great stuff you did in Ottawa. It really is a great city with lots of nice neighbourhoods and wonderful ethnicity. Maybe you’ll get back more often now that your son is there.

    Great news that might be on the road again soon. Whenever and wherever you go, have a safe and happy trip.


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