Have we gone mad?

What a scary and paranoid world it’s become! Two summits of world leaders are about to take place in Toronto and Huntsville and large portions of these cities will be locked down, after millions of dollars have been spent on fake lakes and refurbishing to impress our visitors and promote our country. It’s going to be impossible for the citizens of Toronto to plan their lives or even plan to get to work on time for those few days. Roads will be closed without much notice if any motorcades are travelling them. Fences surround the meeting areas; military snipers will be on the roof tops. The latest news is that young trees along the area streets will be removed just in case a branch from one of them could be turned into a weapon, and the hospitals are sending patients home early in order to clear beds in anticipation of what? “Build it and they will come”. Plan for it and it will happen. Isn’t the purpose of these summits to make the world a better place? Just how does this work? Do our “enemies” need any other weapons to destroy us, or will paranoia do the trick?


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