A New View of Las Vegas – Part 2

On Saturday afternoon, we decided to join our friends at the Orleans Hotel and Casino where, surprisingly, the Continental Cup was being held. I never would have thought that a Hotel and Casino would have a curling rink, but that’s only one of the many sports venues they have. It was interesting to watch (for someone who has played the game many times). As the score board indicates, it was a match between teams from North America (Canada and US) and the rest of the World, and the skill demonstrated was very impressive. We heard a few Scottish and Irish accents drifting among the spectators.

Can they get it through?
Sweep, Sweep!

We stayed for only one draw (game) that lasted three hours, and then we drove down to The Strip again.

The Paris

This time we drove on through to the older part looking for Rick at the Silver and Gold Pawn Shop from the Las Vegas Pawn Stars TV show, a favourite of Jim’s. We found him! We’d hoped to have dinner at the BBQ next door, where Rick often tends bar, but it was closed.

Hmm, something seems a little odd

We did discover this interesting “community” though, where all of the stores and restaurants, and some living quarters are made from shipping containers.

We drove back up The Strip and stopped at Circus Circus, one place I hadn’t been before. After chowing down on burgers that were so big we could barely get our mouths around them, at Vince Neil’s Tatuado, we squeezed through the throngs of people, mostly kids who were in town for a big Soccer Tournament, to watch some of the entertainment. It is actually a huge circus midway, in the lower floors of the Hotel. We managed to get lost trying to find our way back to our parking garage and had to ask for directions!

By then my bones were beginning to ache and, since we’d spent a whole week at the Flamingo Hotel on the strip when we were there six years ago, I wasn’t too keen about walking the street again. Jim was disappointed, but reluctantly took us back to the condo.

On Sunday we looked in the papers and hotel literature to find something different to do. We chose a one-hour drive to Valley of Fire State Park, and I was so happy that we did! The colours were stunning and the one-hour hike around White Dome was good for body and soul. I took far more pictures than I can post, but here is a sampling.

White Dome
Blue Rocks

It was after dark when we got back to the city. We took our second coupon back to the Silverton Casino Hotel and nourished ourselves with selections from the buffet again. We dropped a little more money in some slots and went back to the condo to reminisce about our fantastic adventure, and organize our belongings for the trip home the next day.


Watkins Glen, NY

Yesterday we rode the eleven miles back to Watkins Glen to the State Park Gorge and spent two hours climbing up the 832 steps to the top.  It’s definitely not a place you’d want to be without a camera. Between the two of us we took over 200 pictures. For now I can post only a sample.

Steps up the Gorge

Just some of the steps

One Water Fall

One Water Fall.The hole was made for a Mill sluice-way

Many Water Falls

Many Water Falls

Water Falls

Water Falls

Water Falls

More Stairs

More Stairs


One of many tunnels

Although my knees began to protest on the way back down, it took only half an hour because we were able to avoid most of the steps and we didn’t stop as often. We met two couples from Kitchener who we discovered were also at the RV Rally. Small world!

That was our third and final night at the Ferenbaugh Campsite. It was a good spot. I’d recommend it to any campers or RVers who want to spend some time in the area. Later I’ll do a review of all the campsites we’ve visited on this trip.