A Ride through Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Brighton, Ontario

Because our riding friends had visited family who work in the medical field, it was agreed that we shouldn’t risk exposure until they’d done a quarantine period, so we did a few short rides around our community on our own during the warm days. By the time their quarantine period was done, the weather had turned quite nasty – rainy and cold most days.

This week we were suffering from Cabin Fever! When we heard the weather forecast for Friday – sunny and hot! – we made plans to take our bikes to Brighton and tour Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Unfortunately our friends had already made other plans for the day, so we struck out on our own after an early lunch. It turned out to be a beautiful day!

By 1:00 pm we had our bikes unloaded at a little parking lot and were ready to ride. As often happens, we were questioned about our bikes by a man sitting in his car and he gave us some tips about what we should look for in the park.

As close as we have lived to Presqu’ile Park, the only time we’d ever been there was for a retirement party for a friend who had worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources, several years ago, so it was an entirely new adventure.

Presqu’ile Park is located at the southern side of Brighton, Ontario, along the shores of Lake Ontario. It is a popular place to camp, whether in an RV or a tent. Paved roads wind through it, connecting the many camping areas. We explored all of them and a few unpaved trails as well.

This rocky beach is a place where many people have built some amazing rock sculptures.

Many leaves now lay on the ground, but the colours were still brilliant with the sun reflecting off them.

We discovered a history we had no idea about before this tour.

There is a story posted near the lighthouse about the dangers of the lake in the fall and the number of ships that ended up wrecked near the shores.

The shipwrecks

The long-gone  dance pavilion and hotel: At the end of a side road leading to a spot called “Day Use Area” there is an inlet and a marshy area.

It’s a pretty spot looking over the lake, but we were surprised to find a billboard that described a hotel and dance pavilion once being in the area.

I wasn’t able to get a picture that could be seen close enough to read clearly here, so I’ve transcribed it:

“In the end of the 1800s pioneer society was changing. Increased  prosperity let to a growing interest in summer resorts and leisure activities and Presqu’ile was seen as an ideal location to pursue these activities. During the summer, tents started springing up on small lots along the bay shore between Salt Point and the lighthouse. As families returned year after year the tents were replaced by small wooden cabins.

In 1891, ferries and other boats began bringing vacationer to the point from Rochester and other cities along Lake Ontario.  In 1905 ,Peter Covell of Brighton opened a summer hotel and dance pavilion that was located at the base of the large dock you can see down the shoreline I front of you.  In 1913, Grant Quick opened a larger dance pavilion, the Presqu’le Pleasure Palace, across the road from the hotel.  This dance hall proved very popular and a year later Covell sold the hotel to Quick.

Over the years additions and upgrades were added to the hotel, with electricity reaching the peninsula in 1923. In 1937, a landing strip for small aircraft was opened on the field close to here to ferry paying guests to the  hotel. In 1939, the old wooden dock in front of the hotel was replaced by the current concrete dock.

Dances were held at the pavilion six nights a week from mid-June to mid-September. Men paid $1.00 per evening or $10 for an annual pass. Music was supplied by a six to eight member live-in band, many of them well-known in the era. In addition, annual regattas with swimming and boat races were highly anticipated by the cottagers.  On Sunday nights, large crowds gathered at the pavilion for a singsong.  At the last singsong of the year, Grant Quick had the audience stand, join hands and sing “Auld Lang Syne”.

After much research we determined that the location would have been behind the brush seen on the right had side of this picture.

It was nearly four o’clock when we had our bikes back on the carrier and ready to head home, feeling invigorated, and carrying a bit of new knowledge.

For more information about camping, walking or biking in the park visit the website.

Sadly, it looks like our biking season is coming to an end, but the purchase of these iGo e-bikes from Green Street Bike Shop in Peterborough was the best decision we’ve made in a long time. We read that the City of Peterborough has offered to pay for snow tires for a number of bikers who want to try riding the trails in the winter, but having spent the last seven winters in Arizona, we just can’t see ourselves adjusting that well to the cold weather!

 I fear we will become arm chair travelers this winter. Future blog posts will be re-runs, or Memoirs, until better ways of dealing with COVID are found and we are free to travel once more.

Hope you will come along for the ride.


6 thoughts on “A Ride through Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Brighton, Ontario

  1. Hi Judy and Jim, I am sorry to hear that you won’t be joining us at Mesa Regal this year! I will miss seeing you at pickleball and in the ukelele band. We will be driving to AZ on November 13th and staying until Spring. Staying indoors is just too painful here in Minnesota and at least we can be outside in AZ, even with limited socialization. Just like everyone we are trying to stay safe until the vaccine arrives. Stay warm and safe! Donna Schultz

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Donna! Nice to hear from you. I will miss all my pickleball friends for sure, and Jim misses his ukulele students, even up here this year. Don’t know when or if we’ll feel safe going back to the US. Staying warm here will be harder than staying safe where we are. You guys stay safe too! Always thinking of our American friends in this tumultuous time.❤️


  2. Your story and photos brought back some good memories, Judy.Prequ’ile is a very nice park and we’ve spent a lot of time camping there. Jim spent a lot of time working there too, and believe it or not, that retirement party was 16 years ago!
    I’ve been back a few times in the last couple of years with friends. We’ve gone through the park using our Nordic Poles and we’ve been to the “Christmas at Presqu’ile” craft show, which is usually the first week of November. Like so many things this year, that event is likely cancelled.
    It will be a very different winter for you and Jim staying in Hastings. I hope we’ll be able to get together for an outing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a beautiful new adventure for us and close enough to go to get a couple good hours of exploring in. It is a beautiful park. I was trying to think when the Retirement Party was. Thought maybe it was getting near to that long, but I thought I was in Peterborough by then. I guess I moved shortly after.


  3. Judy, 
    Looks like a beautiful day for a ride- wish we had been there.
    We are still planning to ride if the weather cooperates. 

    Sent from my iPad

    Liked by 1 person

    • Too bad you couldn’t join us Julie. We will still go for afternoon rides if we have more nice days like that, but we are prepared for the fact that Mother Nature may have other ideas. 🙂


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