Changes in the Works

To my followers, you will notice some new posts that may not seem to fit with my regular blog postings. I have been trying to categorize my posts with the hope to make my other writing more visible. I have always had a tab with a link to my published writing, but it linked only to a page that contains all of the articles consecutively with no ability to receive comments individually. It appears that the only way I can separate them is to post them on my blog and categorize them. I’m experimenting, so please bear with me. 🙂

In a few weeks we’ll be on the road again and I’ll be back to travel writing.


2 thoughts on “Changes in the Works

  1. Thanks, Christine, but it’s very confusing since everything except my blog was “pages” rather than categories. I created a new menu and copied my stories to post as blog posts and deleted the “page” of published writing. But some tabs aren’t working properly with the new menu. Still trying to figure that all out. 🙂 So many more questions!


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