Football Fever in Arizona

While Hockey Fever is often rampant back home in Canada this time of year, in the United States ‘tis the season for football. Here in Arizona it is especially contagious this year because the Super Bowl is coming to Phoenix next month.

We have never been followers of football, but if you are on the patio during the days or evenings that the Arizona Cardinals are playing, and a crowd is watching it on the TVs, it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement. It’s even more so when the Cardinal’s opponents are the Seattle Seahawks because they have a very large following among snowbirds from Washington State. Many of those live on our block and are our winter friends, so if we’re cheering we too cheer for the Seahawks.

It is also apparent that many western Canadians support the “Hawks” as well, since Seattle is just across the border and not too far to travel for a game. My daughter and her fiancé are among them. The weekend before Christmas they even flew into Phoenix for the final game between the Cardinals and the Seahawks, which pleased me for the opportunity to spend some time with them.

On the Saturday we drove to Glendale, a suburb of Phoenix, to join them for the day. The first item on the agenda was a tour of the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals and venue for all major games, including the Super Bowl. It was an awesome experience.

Where does all that turf go when the Bike Show is on?

Where does all that turf go when the Bike Show is on?

It's rolled out the back door, intact, on rails, to this usually empty lot.

It’s rolled out the back door, intact, on rails, to this usually empty lot.

The media moving in, setting up for the big game.

The media moving in, setting up for the big game.


Who’s that in the Press Box?

Most of the people on the tour were from out-of-town, and were there to root for the Hawks the next day. I think we were the only ones without tickets. Although we thought it would be fun to join Ann and Frank, by that time the only tickets left were $7,000! Imagine what they will be for the Super Bowl! We’ve heard rumours that park models and RVs as far away as Mesa can fetch upwards of $5,000 for the week of the big game. Hmm, maybe we should take the car or bike to California for the week. We’d like to see Disney Land. Anyone want to rent a motor home?


6 thoughts on “Football Fever in Arizona

  1. Sports do have a way of bringing people together, and for that couple of hours, they seem to be able to overlook any other differences they may have–political, religious, etc. So, it’s good that we can collectively enjoy these “fevers.”
    I’d be tempted to rent out the motor home and take off for that week. :}
    (I didn’t recognize who it was in the Press Box, but glad you got to see it.)


  2. I enjoyed last week-end in Ct with grandson JOhn. We watched FOOTBALL, american style. His favourite team, the Green Bay Packers won their spot in the quarter finals. I think that they play Indianapolis next. I found out Am has 4 downs to our three. John got a kick out of granny’s old fashioned (the 50’s!) football terms. I think it would be great to rent your trailer out!!
    I am booked in Dublin for 2 months from March 8 to May 8th.
    Enjoy your heat-we are freezing HERE.


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