And What Emotions They Were!

Little did I know that the funeral that cut our visit with friends in Connecticut short was the beginning of a trilogy. Before we got home we received an email informing us of the death of the mother-in-law of one of our biker friends.

Then, on Thursday, after a long day of driving straight through to Canada we decided we needed a rest so “camped” at my brother’s place in Brockville for the night. It was a couple of hours closer than home from the bridge. When we arrived there, we learned that my brother’s son-in-law, only 44 yrs. old, had died suddenly that morning. Welcome back to reality!

Friday we made the three hour drive back home and attended the first wake here. On Sunday we drove back to Brockville for the wake and funeral there.

When we got home again this afternoon, we were tempted to just load everything back into the RV and head out again! But alas, we have some commitments for the month of June, so it will be July before this becomes a travel blog once more. In the meantime, I have a few other things on my mind. Stay tuned. 🙂


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