Living the Dream

What a difference an escape from the constantly building pressures of life at home can make. When I set up this blog back in January, the purpose was to unleash those pressures through written words. Unfortunately the pressures were so great and ever-changing, I couldn’t find the time to write.  Eventually, my mind would speed onto a new one, leaving the previous one in the dust.

For now, I have escaped, taken off.  The need to sound off has evaporated.

We’ve been travelling in our newly acquired motor-home for ten days now. We’ve visited Quebec, Maine and Massachusetts. Today we’re sitting in a KOA park about 15 miles from Plymouth, Massachusetts. The sun is shining through the trees, the birds are singing in the trees.  This afternoon we took a bicycle ride the few miles into town and back, stopping to take pictures at a little park that had a fish ladder and the remains of some old stone walls. We couldn’t find any explanation of the walls. Canada Geese were enjoying a swim in the stream. Can’t escape them!

For now, we’re “living the dream”. For now this will be a travel blog. Tune in again …


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